The Mill Two Eighty

Frequently Asked Question

*Prices are subject to change

What is the rental fee?

A day rental is $2,000 for the building

What hours will I have access to the venue?

A day is 8:00 a.m. until midnight the same day
• Music must stop at 11:00 p.m.
• Building Must be vacated by midnight

What do I need to do to book the venue?

Contact Emily Williams at | 256-329-7177 or Tammy Jackson at | 256-215-7459 for available dates. If your date is available we can hold the date for 2 weeks, at the end of that time we would need a signed contract and refundable security deposit of $300 to secure your date.
• A $50 refundable deposit is due when checking out the key

Are tables and chairs included?

Seating for 200 (200 folding white, padded chairs; 21 round tables and 10 rectangular tables) is included

How many can the building hold?

The building capacity is 499 people

May we have alcohol?

In order to serve alcohol, the lessee must furnish a certificate of liability and list "The Russell Hospital Corporation, Inc." as an "additional certificate holder" on their policy as of the date of the event. This may be obtained from the insurance agency that you hold your homeowner's insurance. If you choose to sell/cash bar you must use our contract bar service Ollie and Ross

Do you recommend any caterers?

You may use the caterer of your choice but these are some that we can personally recommend:

• Wharf Casual Seafood | Noah Griggs | 805-252-0294
• Jake's on Broad | Jake Mixon | 256-749-4611
• Brad's | Brad MacFiggen | 703-927-0644
• Koon's Korner | 256-234-3557
• Kira | Kira Woodall | 850-257-3988
• Kowaliga Restaurant | Stacey Jones | 256-496-0029